Level 1 Jinja2 on command line

moban reads data in yaml format, renders a template file in jinja2 format and outputs it to moban.output. By default, it looks for data.yml as its data file, but it will fallback to environment variables if a data file cannot be found


Please clone the moban project and install moban:

$ git clone https://github.com/chfw/moban.git
$ cd moban
$ python setup.py install

Then go to docs/level-1-jinja2-cli. here are different commands to evaluate it:

moban -c data.yml -t a.template

‘moban.output’ is the generated file.

moban -c data.yml -t a.template -o my.output

-o my.output will override the default name


You may simply type the short form:

moban -t a.template

because moban looks for data.yml by default

As well, you can define your own variable:

moban -D hello=maailman -t a.template

And when you check ‘moban.output’, you will find you have overwritten data.yaml.