Level 16: group targets by their template type

Since moban version 0.4.0, you can group your targets with their template type. For example, with copy target, you can do the following things:

Here is example moban file for copying:

    - template-sources
  - copy:
    - simple.file.copy: file-in-template-sources-folder.txt
    - "misc-1-copying/can-create-folder/if-not-exists.txt": file-in-template-sources-folder.txt
    - "test-dir": dir-for-copying
    - "test-recursive-dir": dir-for-recusive-copying/**

More information is documented in misc-1-copying-template.

template copy does:

  1. copies any template inside pre-declared template directory to anywhere. moban will create directory if needed.
  2. copies any directory to anywhere. If “**” is followed, moban attempts to do recursive copying.


The suffix .copy of simple.file.copy will be removed.