level 10: moban dependency as git repo

Since the support to have a pypi package as dependency, the moban pro user will find it more useful to have git repo so that the changes to static content could get propagate as it happens using git push and git pull.

For now, github.com, gitlab.com and bitbucket.com are supported. Pull request is welcome to add or improve this feature.

Here are the sample file:

   - https://github.com/moremoban/pypi-mobans
    - "pypi-mobans:templates"
    - local
  configuration: config.yml
  - mytravis.yml: travis.yml.jj2
  - test.txt: demo.txt.jj2

where requires lead to a list of pypi packages. And when you refer to it, as in level-9 section, please use “pypi-mobans:”

Alternative syntax when submodule exists

The alternative syntax is:

   - type: git
     url: https://github.com/your-git-url
     submodule: true
     branch: your_choice_or_default_branch_if_not_specified