Level 17: force template type

Since moban version 0.4.0, you can enforce all targets to use one and only one template type, regardless of their individual template types.

Here is example moban file for copying:

    - template-sources
  force_template_type: copy
  - simple.file.copy: file-in-template-sources-folder.txt
  - "misc-1-copying/can-create-folder/if-not-exists.txt": file-in-template-sources-folder.txt
  - "test-dir": dir-for-copying
  - "test-recursive-dir": dir-for-recusive-copying/**

More information is documented in misc-1-copying-template.

template copy does:

  1. copies any template inside pre-declared template directory to anywhere. moban will create directory if needed.
  2. copies any directory to anywhere. If “**” is followed, moban attempts to do recursive copying.