Level 13: any data override any data

It’s thought that why shall we constrain ourselves on yaml file format. Along the development path, json file format was added. What about other file formats?

By default yaml, json is supported. Due to the new capability overrides key word can override any supported data format:

overrides: data.base.json

or simple use .json data instead of .yaml data.


Please change directory to docs/level-13-any-data-override-any-data directory.

In this example, child.yaml overrides .moban.cd/parent.json, here is the command to launch it:

moban -c child.yaml -t a.template

‘moban.output’ is the generated file:


world from child.yaml

shijie from parent.json


And we can try child.json, which you can guess, overrides .moban.cd/parent.yaml

moban -c child.json -t a.template

‘moban.output’ is the generated file:


world from child.json

shijie from parent.yml