Level 12: use template engine extensions

jinja2 comes with a lot of extensions. In order not to be the blocker in the middle, extensions is allowed in moban file to initialize jinja2 engine with desired extensions. Two extensions, expression-statement and loop-controls are enabled by default.

The extensions syntax is:

    - template.engine.specific.extension

For example:

    - jinja2.ext.i18n

Please also note that the following extensions are included by default: jinja2.ext.do, jinja2.ext.loopcontrols


Please go to docs/level-12-use-template-engine-extensions directory.

If you notice the file a.template, we are using a for loop control. This is because moban comes with two default extensions loop-controls and expression-statement.

Now, let us try to use the extension with. To do that, we have to enable the extension in the .moban.yml file following the above syntax. Now, the extension can be used in the jinja2 templates. One such example is shown in the b.template file.